6.1 VR-RV 虚拟现实-实时可视化拍摄-视觉特效管线流程

1. 虚拟现实-实时可视化数字影棚的成功建设,是视觉特效公司拥有新型的虚拟制作设施,例如迪斯尼工业光魔公司2019年以来发布的《曼达洛人》实践。
2. 修思虚拟视觉制作的客户对象是中-低预算的影视制作,包括短片和广告片制作,与目前以迪斯尼工业光魔公司的实践并不相同。
3. 修思虚拟制作提供一站式的解决方案,允许没有视觉特效制作能力和经验的剧组免去过多的流程学习过程。虚拟制作融合视觉特效制作,例如不同于迪斯尼工业光魔公司针对《曼达洛人》的制作实践,修思的业务面向不仅是为了一个大IP《星球大战》的一出美剧巨制《曼达洛人》。
4. 修思虚拟制作确实为新影棚准备了一部北肆拾畝的《红色达尔文》美剧,会连续三年在这个影棚拍摄。它的试片创作组2021年下半年进场。
5. 建设和经营第三代数字影棚的信心,是建立在过去30+年来随着视觉特效科技进步积累的制作经验之上:团队骨干积累了200+人年的好莱坞创作和制作经历,其中四名为宁波市2020年引进的国际专才;150+部电影的合同制作,其中4项获奥斯卡最佳视觉特效奖;26项视觉算法和设计工具的发明,其中5项或奥斯卡最佳科技成果奖。在2014年开始使用标准化的沉浸式虚拟现实体验(270度环屏,75英尺直径,20英尺高)过山车以来,完成了6个欧洲和中东的虚拟内容制作,2021年开始代理北美数家上百个内容IP和解决方案进入中国主题公园和乐园市场。

StudioX, VR Real-time Visualization Stage Methodology Fusion with Visual Effect Production Pipeline. 

  1. It is VFX COMPANY who owns a digital stage. -this is the same as ILM
  2. Our customers are mid-lower budget productions including short films and commercials. -this is different from ILM
  3. We provide one-stop-shop solutions to allow customers voiding VFX challenges. -this is different from ILM.
  4. We indeed facilitated a proprietary multi-season network series, Craig Talmy’s network series Red Darwin, through which we practice a dynamic VFX pipeline of the VR shooting-production flow. -this is the same as ILM, but in a fraction of production budget comparing to Mandalorian’s
  5. Our entire confidence of StudioX is based on VFX experiences and the current talent capacity, which we have past 30+ years of track record to get job done beautifully without LED Volume Digital Stages. And we have since 2014 produced Immersive VR Ride Contents, so already familiar with the principles of LED Volume and its camera view. -the latter has been on the same standard dimensions of ILM’s 270-degree, 75feet diameter circular LED backdrop.
    If facing production customers, the above with technical competence is the key to provide and help them to get benefited from the new shooting-VFX fusion. The VR-RV or alike would take a while to become a turn-key solution offered by Stage Operators. It may never happen. But many customers in North America, already demanded what DezAxiz can already practically provide. -this is back to the Point 1 above.
    Regarding common sense of filming stages in China. We need to catch up our already delayed StudioX joint venture, to utilize an existing stage dwelling. But we aim high to define and operate a world state-of-the-art urban studio complex downtown Ningbo.