NORTH40 北肆拾畝

概念:北肆拾畝所推动的文旅商务概念,同源于未来跨行业的区块链物联网概念,是科技推动的多媒体经济。智能微粒(AI IoE Nodes),在拓展前沿和深入底层的物联网(IOT),进入万物互联网(IoE)的阶段,使”云端大数据“与自然、机械和人体相关的”地面大数据“分布和感知地相衔接。
Bunch of Nodes Explained: Smart Dusts (AI IoE Nodes) serve frontline and baseline connections of the cloud bigdata, enable it collectively and cognitively interfaced with natural environment, physical mechanism and human body. It is the Earth layer of the bigdata. It is the network high-concept of block-chain economy which will cover culture and tourism industries soon. The organic connectivities here cover multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary technologies.

North Forty Explained: North Forty is a literature illustration in North America. Its origin is Midwest agriculture region. The early settlers received 160 acres of land from the government qualification, which were usually divided into 4 quarters, one to the north, was known as North Forty.

Dr. Linda Wall and Craig Talmy, the couple established North Forty Media Design, Inc. in 2002. It is an entity converges multimedia design and technology resources, to deliver quality products and services. North Forty is on bank of Malibou Lake right next to Paramount Ranch, where is a world unique “Arcadia at edge of metropolis”, the closest natural inhabit to Hollywood movie shooting. In China, Hughes (Ningbo) Culture & Tourism Technologies, Ltd. is settling in CiCheng Ancient Town, which matches the Malibou Lake natural historic park. In between and together we configure a fusion of Orient-West technology-driven culture and tourism development. The goal is the Ningbo’s toward the world.