2023.3.1 JHI & BON IO added MTM’s new courses & Production Facilities

Visionary Education Technology Group is adopting curriculums by John Hughes Institute and BON IO Distribution’s, to build out an organic ecosystem of its fusion: of education and production. As traditional trade schools are combining industrial environment with education, we put a digital film and vision production facility right onto the campus.

The first designs of such facility is in Visionary Group’s headquarters, a pilot compact edition, in 95 Moatfield Drive, North York, Toronto, ON, Canada. Then just-announced the joint program between Camosun College, (Victoria Island, BC, Canada) and Visionary Group, to inves and build out a full-scale facility on Camosun’s campus expansion. The later includes one new department teaching facility, one commercial media production center, and two sound-stages, in one of them two equip LED Volume virtual production system.

Camosun College choosing Visionary Group in News

The students, after training and practice in realistic studio environment, will master high-skills needed in visual communication, virtual production, visual effects and game engine applications, to fulfill the industry’s modern and trendy demands.